Architecture field: Retail
Location: New York
Timeline: 2019
Client: Pac Team for Loro Piana
Surface: 150 sqm
Phase: Built
Project: Yaro Design
Project Management: RC//A
Design Development: RC//A
Work Management: RC//A
RCA Project Team: Tommaso Rocca, Corrado Castiglioni, Federico Musumeci
Photo credits: Loro Piana


A linear geometry contrasted with fluid and sinuous volumes that recall the desert dunes.
A characteristic element is the mirror room where the user loses the conception of space thanks to a system of mirrors and lights that dissolve the environment, creating a surreal and dreamlike atmosphere.
The store is rich in various colors and materials with which the customer can directly interact with them through the use of touch, such as the multicolored suede leather wall or the red rope dunes.
In the middle of the store there is a small green space, an important element that recalls the concept of a very significant nature for the Loro Piana brand.