Ondine Restaurants


Architecture field: Horeca
Location: La Croisette, Cannes
Timeline: 2018-19
Client: Pacteam for Private Owners
Surface: 1000 sqm
Phase: Built
Project: Richard Guilhem Design Office, Nelson Wilmotte Architectes
Project Management: RC//A, Studio Aringa
Design Development: RC//A, Studio Aringa
On-site Management: RC//A, Studio Aringa
RCA Project Team: Corrado Castiglioni, Federico Musumeci
Photo credits: RC//A, Gianluca Guarnieri


Two beaches and two restaurant on the most famous avenue on the seaside of the world: La Croisette. Designed by two different architecture firms, the restaurants
have two different souls but have in common a great attention to details. The projects are a complete revamping of the two old restaurants, that were tired down and rebuilt from the sand.